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Windshield Replacement

Here at Xtreme Auto Glass Pros we have the experience, skill set, and equipment to replace your windshield. We only use the best OEM (factory) quality auto glass and materials to ensure that the integrity of your vehicle is not impaired. As the best window installation company in Dallas, TX we guarantee that our work is done to the highest professional standards and implement a lifetime guarantee with any service that we provide. Whether you have a crack that has gotten out of control or are looking to replace the glass on your classic car we aren’t limited to any make, model, or year; we fix them all!

Give us a call today to receive a free quote and schedule a mobile windshield replacement appointment. Our skilled and certified technicians will give you a call 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment and will meet you anywhere in the Dallas, TX area. Here at Xtreme Auto Glass Pros we have clearance to meet you in military bases and high security locations such as FBI and government buildings.

Once we arrive expect the auto glass replacement process to take anywhere from one to two hours. It is our goal to provide superior work each time, and always the first time. We also pride ourselves on being Premier Vendors with all the major insurance companies and will take care of all the paperwork so that you don’t have to.

On the road or in our shop here at Xtreme Auto Glass Pros in Dallas, Texas we have the most innovative techniques and tools to replace and repair your car’s windows and glass. Want a consider our process? Here is a brief overview of the steps we take:

  1. It is our goal to wow you with our impeccable customer service and answer all of questions and concerns over the phone or in person.
  2. Our team of auto glass specialists will pick the right windshield, window, glass, or mirror for your vehicles make, model, and year.
  3. Next, our expert technicians will diligently work to ensure that all the old adhesive has been fully removed and that the body of your car is meticulously clean. This will allow for the new adhesive that we apply to reach its maximum bond potential.
  4. We then prepare the vehicle’s metal body with a special epoxy primer and put the glass through another round of cleaning.
  5. Once we put all the essential moldings on your shiny new glass the Xtreme Auto Glass Pros team here in Dallas, Texas flawlessly applies urethane to the glass and then installs it to your automobile.
  6. Now it’s time to let the adhesive sit and adhere to the frame of the vehicle properly. Once safe to drive your car is released back to you.
  7. We are still here to answer any all your questions or concerns and will handle any of your insurance paperwork.

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