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Back/Rear Glass Repair and Replacement

Unlike a windshield, in most cases, if a vehicle’s rear window (back glass, rear glass) is damaged it will need to be replaced. At Xtreme Auto Glass Pros we only use the best glass rear replacement products available so you can rest assured that the quality of the product that you receive will last. Xtreme Auto Glass Pros strives in providing the best customer support and service during your repair, and we may even be able to help you with your insurance claim and take some of the struggle out of the process for you as well.
Your rear windshield (also referred to as; rear glass, back glass, rear window) is manufactured very different than a traditional front windshield. Unlike your front windshield that comes laminated, most side and rear glass is tempered glass and when struck with enough force and magnitude will shatter into thousands of tiny little pieces that can make a huge mess. With a large opening in your vehicle, we understand that it can be a very large concern that needs immediate attention. As soon as the damage occurs, call Xtreme Auto Glass right away and we can send one of our certified licenses technicians to your home or office to help you the same day. Let Xtreme Auto Glass Pros help restore your vehicle back to normal, and we will even vacuum out all the mess as well.

In very rare occasions, if we can’t get the rear windshield same day then we will seal up the hole with a clear Poly film to keep out the outside weather and environment. Click above to get a free quote today or call us and you will see the Xtreme Auto Glass Pros difference!

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